The Best Big Game Sliders Recipe

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It’s almost time for the Big Game! We’ll be celebrating with drinks, food and football. I really like finger foods for hosting parties but when we’re talking football, a good burger is a must. The best Big Game sliders recipe satisfies both needs – finger foods and burgers! Topped with crunchy PopChips Ridges and smothered in french onion sauce, this is the ultimate Big Game party food. The baked chips have half the fat of fried chips and give your tastebuds a delicious workout with an award winning lineup.

the best big game sliders recipe

I’ve been making an effort to make smarter snacking choices and PopChips Ridges are a great option because they have zero trans fat, no artificial flavors and no preservatives. The PopChips Ridges line just launched in 2016 and took the crunch factor to a whole new level. With many different varieties, this week I tasted four flavors to decide which would be best for our Big Game party. 

Perfectly Salted includes superbly salted PopChips! Cheddar & Sour Cream is everything you could hope for in a popped chip – sharp cheddar, smooth sour cream and potatoes. Tangy BBQ is sweet and salty with a touch of spice. Finally, Chili Cheese, my favorite, is a perfect combination of spicy chili and sharp cheddar.

With all four having amazing flavor, I decided we should give our guests the option to choose for themselves! The best Big Game sliders are awesome with all of the PopChips Ridges baked chips! 

popchips potato ridges chili cheese

The Best Big Game Sliders  


  • your favorite PopChips Ridges
  • 1 lb ground sirloin
  • 2 packages dry french onion soup mix
  • 1/2 C water
  • slider buns

Best Big Game Sliders ingredients

Shape sirloin patties by hand and place in skillet. Top with french onion soup mix. 

The Best Big Game Sliders french onion soup mix

Brown each side of the patties then add 1/2 C water. Cover and simmer until meat has reached your preferred temperature. Sauce will thicken as it cooks.

Best Big Game Sliders cooking

Top each bun with a sirloin patty and your favorite PopChip Ridge. 

Big Game Sliders popchips

Then generously pour french onion sauce from pan over the sliders.

Best Big Game Sliders sauce

The flavor from the PopChip Ridge makes each slider taste different with a perfect crunch. Which Ridge will you add to your Big Game sliders?

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You just need to decide which PopChips Ridges variety will be your favorite: perfectly salted, cheddar & sour cream, tangy BBQ or Chili Cheese. I say add one of each to your Big Game menu. I’m sure your guests will appreciate it!

Best Big Game Sliders with popchips

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