Baby Prairie Dogs at The Phoenix Zoo

Spring at the The Phoenix Zoo always brings the opportunity to see many new baby animals. It is also the perfect time to make frequent visits before the weather gets too warm. A couple of weeks ago our family visited the zoo and spent hours at the Prairie Dogs exhibit. The babies are growing fast and soon we’ll have to wait until next year to see the little prairie dogs play.

Baby Prairie Dogs at the Phoenix Zoo (4)

We watched as the cute prairie dogs ate carrots, dug tunnels, and played with their friends. My daughter believed they were talking to her each time she heard their little squeaks.

Baby Prairie Dogs at the Phoenix Zoo

While we were at the exhibit, a zookeeper came by and shared some fun facts. Did you know prairie dogs know who their friends are by their teeth. You might see them “kissing” each other. They aren’t kissing; that’s the teeth check to determine if they know each other.

Baby Prairie Dogs at the Phoenix Zoo (2)

The exhibit at the zoo has a pool liner filled with concrete so the prairie dogs don’t dig their way completely out. The zookeeper told us they could easily be in Tucson overnight with out a digging barrier.

Baby Prairie Dogs at the Phoenix Zoo (3)

Summer is hot in Arizona but that won’t stop us from making weekly visits. Summer zoo hours start today, June 1. You’ll probably find us starting quite a few of our Saturday mornings at the zoo!

What are you most excited to see when you visit the zoo?

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