As You Wish Pottery Summer Classes (giveaway)

This post is brought to you by our Brie Brie Blooms contributor six year old Gabriella.

I have been painting at As You Wish since I was just a toddler. My mom loves to go there too and has made a lot of really cool pottery. My mom and I were invited there last month for a “Grilled Cheese Please” plate class. I don’t really like grilled cheese sandwiches so my plate is for ham and cheese sandwiches instead. That’s the best thing about As You Wish; you can use your creativity to make what you want. We are excited to give away two certificates for summer classes so you can go and have fun too. 


I had a lot of fun learning how to make the plate with friends.  


I met Miss Liz last year at an As You Wish event. She is very nice and really likes to paint. She is very creative and a very nice teacher. Everyone that works there are nice and helpful. They have lots of paint with every color, even peach. They also give you paint brushes and it’s always okay to make a mess. After you paint your pottery, you leave it there and they put a glaze on it to make it shiny and then cook it in a big oven. You can go pick up your pottery a few days later. There are so many different things you can paint. Sometimes my mom says we can only spend a little time there so I paint something small. Sometimes I bring friends and get to paint something big like unicorns and jewelry boxes. They have ice cream bowls and even have little glass monsters. There’s also little things to paint that are small and not like piggy banks and stuff.  

As You Wish summer classes

Miss Liz said she loved my plate. I do too! 

As You Wish summer classes instructor

As You Wish has fun summer classes where you can make different projects with a color theme. I hope my mom takes me to paint every week this summer!


Enter to win one of two certificates for summer classes valid for ONE FREE SUMMER CLASS! Voucher is valid for summer classes June 8 – July 24, 2015 in studio only. 

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2 thoughts on “As You Wish Pottery Summer Classes (giveaway)”

  1. Gabriella, I LOVE your plate. I showed Campbell, and she wants to make one, too, so we’re going to enter your giveaway! Her favorite food is grilled cheese, so I think I might have to take her there to make a grilled cheese plate. Do you grill your ham and cheese sandwich, or eat it cold?

    And at As You Wish they even have peach paint and it’s OKAY if you make a mess?! AWESOME!

    Thanks for giving us the opportunity to get creative!


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