Amazing waffles from the Arizona Waffle Love truck

If you haven’t experienced the amazing waffles at the Waffle Love food truck, you have been missing out. Trust me when I tell you these are the best waffles I have ever tasted. Ever. Waffle Love began in Utah with one truck driving across the state to serve authentic homemade waffle creations. For the first time, Waffle Love has delivered a truck to Arizona and my home state now can enjoy what Utah has been calling “love at first bite”. The Arizona Waffle Love truck just recently opened for business and I was one of the first to sample the tasty waffles when the sweet Arizona owners invited me to a fun mixer event.

Amazing waffles from the Arizona Waffle Love truck #waffluvaz

The event was decorated with the cutest vintage and handmade decor including furniture, chalkboards, several glampers, tee pees, and strung lights.

Welcome to the Arizona Waffle Love blogger event #waffluvaz

The Waffle Love truck fit in perfectly with the cute party setting.  I could envision the truck being part of a festive family party, corporate event, or even an intimate wedding.

Arizona Waffle Love blogger event #waffluvaz

Over 160 hours of drawing and painting went into creating the beautiful truck for Arizona. Each truck is completely unique and designed by the company owners. The husband and wife team are the sweetest. They drove the truck from Utah to Arizona and made my first experience with Waffle Love feel like I was at a friend’s home for dinner.

Arizona Waffle Love truck #waffluvaz

The menu has many different variations for the liege waffles. With a few favorites like their “waffle works” and “nutella love” it wasn’t difficult to choose a yummy waffle to sample. Other toppings include fruit and cream. I ordered the “red wonder” and loved every bite. The biscoff spread gave the waffle a taste I’ve never experienced before. Biscoff spread is a European irresistible spread made from biscoff cookies and makes an incredible addition to your waffle. 

The only challenging part of discovering the amazing waffles from the Arizona Waffle Love truck is when you wake up wanting them for breakfast. The truck might not be in the same place you saw it the night before!

Thank you #waffluvaz

The Arizona Waffle Love truck can be found at different locations and events.

Which event do you hope to see Waffle Love?

Learn more about the Love truck and where it will be in Arizona by connecting with them on  Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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