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Growing up in Arizona I spent most school breaks and family vacations outdoors camping and fishing. My brothers and I loved playing in the river mud and fishing at the lake. Fishing, swimming and boating all played a big part in my childhood. I remember hearing my dad frequently talk about planning a family vacation in Alaska. Years later, my brothers and I are grown with our own children, and my dad is still talking about planning that vacation. I love to travel and have a long list of destinations on my bucket list. A family vacation to Alaska is at the top of  my bucket list because I’ve heard my dad talk about it for so many years. Fishing, dining, and family fun are all part of the plan and I’ve started researching accommodations. Knowing about the Steamboat Bay Fishing Club and Waterfall Resort will make planning our family vacation easy. The beautiful resort and fishing lodge are exactly what I’ve envisioned for our family vacation and I’m sure it would be a dream come true for my dad.


Growing up most of our breaks from school and holidays were spent outdoors. My parents had a small group of friends with children that also loved camping so we were always surrounded by plenty of friends.


Me, Easter 1985 

I’d love  to surprise my dad by finally arranging a family vacation to Alaska and know fishing should be incorporated. The Steamboat Bay Fishing Club and Waterfall Resort are two great options for a family vacation. Imagine beautiful scenery, natural  wildlife, and late-night sunsets in between being chartered by boat to the best fishing spots in Alaska. Both resorts are on-site at record breaking canneries and offer great fishing excursions for King Salmon, Coho Salmon, Halibut, Ling Cod, Red Snapper, Black Bass and Rock Fish. Then you can bring home your fish, already cleaned and cut, in a specially packed bag as checked luggage.

Steamboat Bay Fishing Club

The fishing club lodge is located just minutes from the best fishing spots in SE Alaska on Noyes Island. It was once home to a commercial cannery because of its great location. 


Steamboat Bay offers more than just fishing. As a guest of the club you can enjoy kayaks to whale watching and explore many different wilderness trails. Plan to relax later in the evenings as you watch a late sunset. You’ll be experiencing fine dining as the executive chef prepares meals catering to guest preferences each day.

A week at the Steamboat Bay Fishing Club usually begins with a short 45 minute sight seeing flight from Ketchikan, the historic Alaskan city known as “the salmon capitol of the world”, to Noyes Island and The Club. The next few days will be spent enjoying The Club and amenities. Personalized services include arranging whale watching, fishing, and other water activities. Certified fishing guides are available for sport and luxury fishing excursions. Evenings are spent dining in the Great Room with a hosted open bar and recreational activities.

The Steamboat Bay Fishing Club sounds like an amazing way to spend a week with a group of adults.

Waterfall Resort

In the early 1900’s, Waterfall was the largest salmon packing plant on the west coast of Prince of Wales Island. It was converted to the Waterfall Cannery Resort in 1973 and later in 1980 became the Waterfall Resort.


The resort offers different styles of room accommodations to meet your family needs. The boardwalk cabins, oceanfront lodge rooms, and family size townhouse condos are great for your family vacation. Activities range from chartered fishing to water activities and wilderness exploration.

The resort has a walking trail to see the 100 year-old nature trail through the Tongass National Forest to Waterfall Creek and boardwalk observation platform to see the local salmon swim upstream and spawn in the waterfall pool every August. With meals prepared fresh daily, you will enjoy fine dining with a great view of the Ulloa Channel. Fishing guides are on-site and guests catch an average of 75 pounds of fish during their stay. Fish is prepared to your preference then vacuum sealed and packed for you as checked luggage. 

The Waterfall Resort is perfect for a family vacation with children.

Before your visit:

  • Arrange your flights and coordinate with the resort and/or club for a chartered sea plane. Guest services at the resort and club are happy to help.
  • Share your itinerary with the resort and/or club.
  • Apply for a fishing license.
  • Get travel insurance.
  • Customize your trip.

Now we just need to decide which resort to book a week in Alaska!


 My husband, daughter, and I fishing in Arizona

I look forward to further exploring a visit and finally planning an Alaska family vacation! Would your family enjoy a visit to the Waterfall Resort or Steamboat Bay Fishing Club too?

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