Kauai Smith Family Garden Luau, Hawaii Family Travel

The Kauai Smith Family Garden Luau, found just beyond the Wailua River, is an excellent cultural experience and great for families with young children. My husband and I have attended several different luaus while visiting Hawaii in the past; our favorite so far is the Smith Family Garden Luau. The spacious garden offers a great area for exploration and the ability for your children to run out all their giggles instead of having to sit quietly in a chair for the evening. Over seven days I Read More... {Read More...}

Kauai Glass Beach, Hawaii family travel

We just came home from an incredible family vacation in Kauai, Hawaii. We had many activities planned before our arrival but also made sure we had time to explore the island. One of our favorite stops was made on our last day to the Kauai Glass Beach. I had read about it in a few travel guides and knew my seven year old daughter would love learning about a beach full of glass pebbles and washed up soft and rounded remnants of debris thrown into the ocean many years ago. While some of the Kauai Read More... {Read More...}

I still choose to support SeaWorld

Three years ago, before Blackfish, if you asked my opinion of killer whales at SeaWorld I would have told you I stand confidently behind the organization intent on providing research to benefit whales in their natural environment. I would have told you I have made a great effort to teach my daughter whales belong in the ocean but science makes it necessary for us to study whales in captivity. Just after the world was stunned by Blackfish, I shared why I choose to support SeaWorld. And now years Read More... {Read More...}

Southern California resort stay giveaway

The very first place my husband and I road tripped to together was Carlsbad, California. We fell in love with the Carlsbad Inn during our first stay almost 15 years ago and knew, before we were ever married with children, it would be a place we would continue to make memories. Southern California is just a short road trip away and our family visits often.  When our seven year old daughter asks to go to the beach, we know she is asking to visit Carlsbad. Her deep love for the Read More... {Read More...}

10 Reasons to Love the Kia Sedona

We travel to Southern California frequently and usually make the six hour drive from Arizona in our own car. We recently spent a week in Carlsbad and work time constraints had us flying instead of making the usual drive. While it was the baby's first time flying, we were more concerned about finding a vehicle comfortable for our family during the week. Knowing we would be doing quite a bit of driving, we turned to DriveShop for suggestions. At the time we owned a large SUV. Our request Read More... {Read More...}

Arizona annual pass gift guide

With so many amazing local attractions and museums in Arizona we love to visit all year long, an annual membership makes perfect sense for a creative gift this holiday season. They make awesome gifts for friends with children, friends new to Arizona, parents, grandparents, and more! Instead of asking who should you gift an Arizona annual pass this year, ask yourself who wouldn't you gift an Arizona annual pass to? My Arizona annual pass gift guide includes the places we love to visit most Read More... {Read More...}

Grand Pacific Palisades Resort in Carlsbad, CA discount

Given the opportunity, we will always say yes to travel in Southern California. The weather is beautiful, the ocean breeze is refreshing, and most of our very favorite family memories have been made there. Carlsbad holds a very special significance to our family because it's the first destination my husband and I road tripped to while dating. Our six year old daughter calls it her favorite beach while I will always deem it my favorite lunch spot because of Fidel's flautas. My husband loves the Read More... {Read More...}

Visit Carlsbad: Southern California family travel

If there is just one place I could bottle up and keep in my pocket it would be, without a second thought, Carlsbad, California. The beach town has so much special significance to our family. It's the first place my husband and I road tripped to while we were dating almost 15 years ago. We have visited every summer since and make sure to stop by at least for a quick walk on the beach or lunch at our favorite restaurant every time we travel to Southern California. Our last summer vacation in Read More... {Read More...}

Explore Hawaii Norwegian Cruise Line

Almost 10 years ago my husband and I had a beautiful wedding in Arizona and went on an amazing honeymoon in Hawaii. Many years and two kids later, each year we say our ultimate summer vacation would be recreating that Hawaii experience with our children. The amazing memories of our seven day Hawaiian cruise with Norwegian Cruise Line is enough to want to go back, but this week I've been spending a lot of time daydreaming of that trip after receiving beautiful tropical flowers from Pro Read More... {Read More...}

10 reasons to visit Aquatica, SeaWorld San Diego’s waterpark

Last year was our first experience of family water park fun at Aquatica San Diego. Living in Arizona, it's hot in the summer and water parks are a favorite family activity. Until we visited Aquatica last year we never had added a water park to our California visits. Already loving the park because of the fun time we had there last summer, we recently visited again. Our six year old daughter had grown since our last visit and was tall enough for every thrill ride. We also brought along our new Read More... {Read More...}