5 reasons to attend SeaWorld Wild Days

March is a wonderful time in San Diego. Our family visits SeaWorld San Diego often but SeaWorld Wild Days every weekend is March brings even more fun to the park by celebrating and educating animal lovers about the importance of wildlife. Every weekend has new presenters including the stars of Sea Rescue and Jack Hanna. That alone is reason for my daughter to ask to attend each weekend. Reasons to attend SeaWorld Wild Days go far beyond your average visit to the park. 5 reasons to Read More... {Read More...}

Polar bear gifts for kids

With a seven year old daughter obsessed with learning everything she can about marine animals, I'm frequently searching for fun gifts for her. We celebrated her last birthday with a polar bear ice skating party and I spent quite a bit of time online for party inspiration. I'm sharing some of  my favorite polar bear gifts for kids perfect for birthdays, holidays and even Easter basket gift ideas. Polar bear gifts for kids symbolic polar bear adoption polar bear wrapping Read More... {Read More...}

Baby Penguin Art Prompt

Fact - penguins are adorable. But being adorable isn't the only reason we are talking about them today. It's Penguin Awareness Day and my seven year old daughter, the SeaWorld Guest Kid Blogger, is excited to share her favorite facts. We are also having some fun with a baby penguin art prompt. Sure, technically they are called penguin chicks, but "baby penguin" just sounds cute. The baby penguin art prompt is a great activity for home or the classroom. Add a few of my daughter's fun facts and Read More... {Read More...}

Polar Bear Ice Skating Party

Our last few birthday parties for my daughter have included animals themes because from a very young age, she has been fascinated by animal science. Like her fifth birthday creepy crawly party and her sixth birthday ocean animals party, this year's party also had an animal focus. She wanted to celebrate with friends at a polar bear ice skating party. We had so much fun putting the party plan together and sharing her special day with favorite friends and family. I created invitations Read More... {Read More...}

Easy DIY Octopus Costume

I have to give all the credit to my daughter on this costume. As the SeaWorld guest kid blogger, she always plans a fun costume idea for our visit to the Halloween Spooktacular. This year she was really excited to make her own octopus costume. The easy DIY octopus costume was all her idea. She was able to make the entire costume with just my supervision. Easy DIY Octopus Costume tutorial Supplies: long sleeve shirt three pairs of leggings, one pair must fit for actual leggings Read More... {Read More...}

SeaWorld Otter Nursery – a behind the scenes look at the best job ever

We are reaching the end of Sea Otter Awareness Week and I have read so many wonderful stories about these adorable mammals. Not only are they cute, but they also play a vital role in our ecosystem. California sea otters were once hunted for their fur and almost pushed to extinction; their population is still limited but with education, rescue and rehabilitation facilities, and new laws in place we can all help protect the sea otter population. Our visits to SeaWorld San Diego always include Read More... {Read More...}

Polar Bear kids craft to celebrate International Polar Bear Day

Happy International Polar Bear Day! This post was originally published 2/27/14. To celebrate International Polar Bear Day February 27 in my preschool classroom we are reading books about polar bears, sharing a marshmallow bear snack, and making a polar bear craft. The day is a great opportunity to teach about the fascinating bear.  We have visited polar bears at many different zoos and see the resident bear at SeaWorld San Diego frequently. My daughter has learned so much about the Read More... {Read More...}

Ocean animals birthday party

My daughter has always been fascinated by animals. Last year we celebrated her birthday with a creepy crawly birthday party. This year she wanted to celebrate her sixth birthday by sharing her love for the ocean with her friends at an ocean animals birthday party. We visit SeaWorld® frequently and she has many different favorite animals. Our party decorations shared some of her favorite moments learning about ocean animals with many different SeaWorld team members. She was also very excited Read More... {Read More...}

SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration, San Diego 2014

Last year was my daughter's first visit to SeaWorld's Christmas Celebration. We enjoyed the snow, shows, and family fun so much and couldn't wait to go back for this year's celebration. We visited SeaWorld many times this year but the holidays are always a great time to spend at the park. Last year we were amazed by an introduction to how the park makes gourmet dining accessible to all guests and were again completely impressed by the dining options during SeaWorld's Christmas Read More... {Read More...}

Inspiring Role Model Miss California Marina Inserra, “Girls can be anything they want to be…”

My daughter has been intrigued by animals her entire life. Before she was a year old she loved visiting local zoos and aquariums to see the animals. She visited SeaWorld as an infant and was in awe of the marine animals. Just over five hours from SeaWorld San Diego, we found ourselves visiting often. Her love for marine animals turned into an educational interest when she started talking and asking hundreds of questions about animals. Whether we are whale watching in Southern California, Read More... {Read More...}