Power Dad’s smile everyday: Disneyland Teacups

Father's Day at our house is usually celebrated with dinner and few handmade gifts from my daughter to her daddy. Giving gifts is very exciting for a five year old and she was frustrated to hear her daddy didn't have anything special on his wishlist this year. She insisted on giving him the best gift ever. When I asked her most favorite thing to do with her dad, she quickly responded, "spinning on the teacups!" We visit Disneyland often and the memories they have made on the teacups over the Read More... {Read More...}

Father’s Day Gift idea: a favorite spy DVD and free printable card

In college I studied Justice and was sure I would end up in the CIA. Clearly I'm not a CIA agent, but that doesn't mean I can't live out my action packed career dreams from my living room with the new  Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit DVD. My husband enjoys spy themed thrillers too so the release of the DVD comes at perfect timing the week before Father's Day! My five year old daughter loves to play the "I spy with my little eye..." game in the car with her daddy so I made a fun Read More... {Read More...}