JORD Wood Watch giveaway

Last week I celebrated my birthday with a special treat for myself. Spending the day with my family was wonderful but I was most excited by the complimentary JORD wood watch I received at the start of the week. I have been eying the beautiful women’s watches for quite awhile and couldn’t be happier with my new Fieldcrest … Read more

Fall baby bump fashion

Pregnant with my daughter six years ago, I had so much fun wearing maternity clothes. But looking back on all the photos taken during my pregnancy, I’m left wondering why I didn’t make better fashion choices. Yikes. This time around I’m determined to wear comfy clothes while looking adorable. My very first maternity fashion post … Read more

Masquerade party attire

In planning to attend the Social Fabric conference, SoFabCon, I was looking forward to the themed evening parties. Last year a highlight of the conference was the SoFabCon 80’s night. This year SoFabCon gave us a few different opportunities to get dressed up for themed parties with friends. The masquerade party to celebrate their fifth birthday is … Read more

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