Sunday Showroom {a list of handmade pretties} #2

Each week I take a minute to show you some of my favorite pretties from handmade businesses.  This week I'm thinking of Mother's Day and sharing things that would make a great gift.I have always loved Lisa Leonard's mama necklace!  I can't decide if I need to buy this for my mom or if I need one for myself.  Lisa Leonard's Mama NecklaceThese mom tattoo cookies are adorable and look delicious! Picket Fence Confections Mother's Day Sugar CookiesHow many times did we hear this growing up?  I'm Read More... {Read More...}

Chocolate Peppers – Cinco De Mayo Treat

I was looking for a fun Cinco De Mayo themed snack to share at my daughter's playgroup fiesta potluck earlier this week.  I found chocolate peppers in the May edition of Disney's Family Fun magazine.  They weren't too difficult to make and the kids loved them.Ingredients:-Tootsie Roll Midgees-Pretzel Sticks-Red Candy Melts-Green Candy Melts Heat your oven to 200 degrees and turn off.   Line a pan with parchment paper and tootsie rolls.  Put the pan in your warm oven to soften.  The pan can be Read More... {Read More...}

Potluck Tip: Labels and a Sharpie

This week I hosted a Cinco De Mayo fiesta potluck for my daughter's play group.  It was fun seeing and tasting all the themed dishes.  I knew with a fiesta potluck there may be a few dishes that wouldn't be easy to recognize or know ingredients with out first taking a bite.  To make this easier on all the moms and not require them standing at our potluck buffet I put a stack of themed place cards on the table next to a Sharpie.  Free Cinco De Mayo Party Printables Place Cards via The Emeals Read More... {Read More...}

Cute Chubby Baby Feet

There's something about chubby baby feet that are just so cute.  I love baby feet!  It makes me feel all giddy thinking about just how cute my daughter's chubby little feet were when she was little.  I can remember how excited I was the first time I painted her toenails.  I loved picking out cute little shoes to match all her clothes well before she was walking.  Some of my favorite baby pictures of my daughter were taken at only six months old with bare feet.  photography by Serenity Pictures Read More... {Read More...}

Sunday Showroom {a list of handmade pretties} #1

There are so many beautiful things coming from handmade businesses.  I could literally sit in front of my computer and be content looking at pictures of pretties I feel compelled to purchase.  Obviously I can't buy everything I love so instead I'm going to share a list of my most favorite items from handmade businesses each week.  Welcome to the first Sunday Showroom!I never thought I would want anything even remotely resembling a fanny pack until I came across the Kinies ruffled waist purse.  Read More... {Read More...}

Fun & Easy Light Fixture Upgrade

I shared my daughter's Dr. Seuss playroom over at A Couple of Craft Addicts previously.  For quite some time I've wanted to do something to update the boring light fixture in the room.  I finally took a few minutes to work on the project.  I love the new look of the light.  I love it even more because the update cost me nothing!The playroom felt boring with the standard light fixture. I came across some unused party decorations in a closet and decided they would add the perfect splash of color Read More... {Read More...}

Photography, the Perfect Show and Tell Project

My sweet husband gave me a DSLR camera for Christmas last year.  Unfortunately I had no clue how to use the camera off of the auto settings.  I went to a couple of local photography classes but did not walk away feeling comfortable taking pictures in the manual mode.  Luckily while I was at the SNAP conference, I took advantage of the workshop schedule and went to two amazing classes.  First, I attended an introductory class by Emilie Ralph of Photo By Emilie.  Next I attended a morning light Read More... {Read More...}

A New Direction

Brie Brie Blooms has existed for a few years now.  I've loved being able to create, network, and learn while figuring out how to manage a small business.  I've certainly had ups and downs causing me to reconsider my direction and push myself beyond what I thought was possible. It wasn't until last week, while attending the SNAP conference in Utah, did I realize that my next project is a creative site under the Brie Brie Blooms brand.  I am having difficulty containing my excitement about this Read More... {Read More...}