Mother’s Day Gift from Adult Siblings

Mother's Day is a favorite holiday for me because it's the day I get extra sticky kisses and handmade gifts. But it's also a wonderful day to celebrate my own mom too. My parents have been married for 35 years and built a very strong foundation of family values. My two younger brothers and I grew up in a home full of happy memories and nothing but encouragement for every venture we took on. Our parents smiled through the many times we decided to experiment with new hobbies, change directions, Read More... {Read More...}

Plan a Blissful Mother’s Day – Hershey’s interview with Kerri Strug

Last month our family attended the Hershey's Family Play Date with host Kerri Strug.  Our family had so much fun getting active together and we really enjoyed getting the opportunity to chat with Kerri Strug.  One of my favorite memories from the event was watching Kerri interact with my daughter.  Kids were drawn to her and she genuinely enjoyed her time with each child.    We know Kerri as the amazing olympic gymnast and gold medalist.  My daughter knows Read More... {Read More...}